How Can I Prepare for Cataract Surgery?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 06/24/2024

Undergoing a surgery such as cataract surgery can be a little scary. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help. Read on to learn more.


What Are the Common Signs That Someone Has Dry Eyes?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 05/05/2024

Symptoms of dry eye include itchy eyes, feeling like there's something in the eye, redness, and even blurred vision. Read on to learn more.


How Does an Eye Doctor Test for Glaucoma?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 04/04/2024

Untreated glaucoma can lead to vision loss. But how do you know if you have glaucoma? Read on to learn more, then contact us to schedule an exam.


How Can Contact Lenses Improve Your Eyesight?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 03/15/2024

Contact lenses can improve eyesight by directly correcting refractive errors, offering a natural look and wider field of vision compared to glasses.


Three Helpful Tips for Cataract Surgery Recovery

West County Ophthalmology Team | 02/09/2024

Cataract surgery can sound daunting, but with these tips for recovery, you can ensure a smooth process after surgery. Read on to learn more.


Can Eye Drops Help Relieve Dry Eyes?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 01/25/2024

Dry eyes can be frustrating and cause a great deal of discomfort. Find out if eye drops help alleviate symptoms and are suggested by eye doctors.


How Often Should You Have Your Vision Tested?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 12/31/2023

Learn the benefits of annual eye exams for maintaining vision health and early detection of eye conditions with advice from West County Ophthalmology.


Five Common Eye Conditions You Shouldn't Ignore

West County Ophthalmology Team | 11/04/2023

We treat a variety of common eye conditions at West County Ophthalmology in Chesterfield, MO, such as red eye, chalazion, blepharitis, and more.


What Conditions Can a Diabetic Eye Exam Detect?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 11/05/2022

Diabetic retinopathy is a serious condition that can cause vision loss. See how we detect other issues like glaucoma and macular edema during an exam.


How Can I Tell If I am Developing Cataracts?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 10/09/2022

Cataracts may lead to vision loss or blindness when left untreated. Learn about early cataract symptoms and how a trained ophthalmologist may help.


Can Dry Eyes be Completely Cured?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 09/11/2022

Dry eye syndrome can make your eyes feel itchy and swollen. Read about common dry eye symptoms and what advanced treatment options are available.


How Good Is Your Vision? Schedule an Eye Exam to Find Out

West County Ophthalmology Team | 08/05/2022

Do your eyes feel more tired than usual? Find out if you may need glasses with a comprehensive vision exam.


How Safe Is It to Eat Before Cataract Surgery?

West County Ophthalmology Team | 07/29/2022

A helpful guide on preparing for cataract surgery, including instructions on fasting before your procedure.


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