Laser Peripheral Iridotomy in Chesterfield, MO

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What is laser peripheral iridotomy?

Laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) is a possible treatment for glaucoma, the eye disease where rising intraocular pressure causes damage to the optic nerve and subsequent vision loss. A healthy human eye will have aqueous ocular fluid flowing seamlessly between the iris and the lens through a small system called the trabecular network. When this flow is disrupted, fluid builds up and can cause glaucoma. West County Ophthalmology proudly performs LPI to treat some cases of acute angle-closure glaucoma and narrow angle-closure glaucoma. If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, then contact one of our practices to learn more about treatment options including LPI.

How does LPI work?

Laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI) is performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes a few minutes to complete. To perform this procedure, our ophthalmologists will numb your eyes and position you in front of the laser. The laser will create a tiny hole in the outer edge of your iris, creating a new channel for built-up fluid to escape and drain from the eye.

Recovery from an LPI procedure is generally short, and many patients are able to return to regular activities shortly afterward. Follow-up appointments will be necessary so your ophthalmologist can check on your healing progress and monitor your intraocular pressure to ensure the procedure was successful.

Laser Peripheral Iridotomy FAQ

Can I drive after laser peripheral iridotomy?
There should be no driving restrictions after your laser peripheral iridotomy. You may experience some irritation, so if you think that may hinder your attention while driving, please feel free to have a friend or family member drive you home.

Is there anything I shouldn't do after my iridotomy?
There are no restrictions after your laser peripheral iridotomy, but you may find that your eyes tire a bit more easily when reading, watching TV, or using another device.

How soon can I start wearing my contact lenses?
You can wear your contact lenses right after your appointment. You may experience some redness, eye discomfort, and sensitivity to light, so some people may find it more comfortable to wear glasses for a few days following their appointment.

Laser treatment for glaucoma

If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, the ophthalmologists at West County Ophthalmology can help preserve your vision with laser peripheral iridotomy. Talk to one of our vision professionals to find out whether or not you are a candidate for this procedure. Laser peripheral iridotomy can help control intraocular pressure and slow the progression of glaucoma. Schedule a consultation at one of our facilities to learn more about this minimally invasive procedure.

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